Acknowledgement of Sovereignty

We are the rebels of Extinction Rebellion South Australia. Some of us are the first custodians of this country. Some of us come from other lands which have been colonised. Many of us are living on this land because of colonisation and genocide. And so this acknowledgement means different things for us. For some it is work that has been happening for generations, others decades, some years and for some of us, it is brand new. Wherever you are standing- this is an invitation. Because without addressing the harms of colonisation, we cannot hope to address the ecological crisis we are all facing.

We acknowledge:

  • The sovereignty of Indigenous people across the globe, and in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the owners and custodians of Australia and its islands who have never given up their connection with country. The land was stolen from them by colonisers.
  • The ongoing injustices of global colonial history from which white people still benefit.
  • The history, laws and culture of Indigenous people across the globe, and their significance to ongoing struggles for justice.
  • The wisdom, knowledge and resilience which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have gathered over hundreds of thousands of seasons.

We commit to:

  • Learning from the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Understanding how racial inequality divides human beings by giving some people an advantage, and marginalising others.
  • Naming racist dynamics, and working to value and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and all People of Colour.
  • Acknowledging the ways white racism occurs in the environment movement.
  • Using any privilege we have to disrupt colonial thinking, capitalism and insatiable growth.
  • Owning our mistakes, being open to feedback, and altering our actions accordingly.
  • Learning a connection to nature and caring for country alongside First Nations people.
  • Addressing the climate emergency in ways that include justice for First Nations people and support their struggles to protect their lands and waters.
  • Sharing a future in which First Nations cultural, social and spiritual stewardship are integral to all decision-making.
  • Working towards a liveable planet for every person, and for the creatures and places which nurture us.

We see these commitments as steps towards a future where land, culture, equality and community are central to all human life. This remains a work in progress.