Polly Higgins is an award-winning lawyer, who has worked tirelessly to make destruction of planetary resources – which she calls ecocide – a crime under international law. We support this work at Extinction Rebellion, because our governments, and multinational businesses, currently destroy our natural capital with impunity.

Here in Australia, governments make laws allowing forests and bush land to be cleared with little justification, destroying the habitat for many species, including iconic Australia animals like the koala. Our regional forestry agreements are exempt from environmental regulation, propping up an unnecessary and damaging industry, when forestry personnel could be better employed in plantation forestry. This would create new areas of vegetation to sequester carbon in the medium term, as well as preventing the destruction of old growth and mature regrowth forests, which currently absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide. This destruction of our natural habitats, which support both human and animal life, should be a crime.

Our decision to rebel against our governments is a response to their willingness to actively destroy life on this planet. They are failing to take emergency-level action to reduce carbon emissions. They will not admit the truth about their complicity in the destruction being done by fossil fuel and mining companies, in the name of shareholder profit. When governments are willing to contemplate the destruction of the majority of life on this planet, for the sake of ‘business as usual’, then all citizens have a right and a duty to resist this illegitimate authority.

Will you stand by and allowing the destruction of our farmlands, our forests, our waterways, and our marine environments? What will it take for you to stand up and be counted in the struggle to prevent runaway global warming? Will you be able to look your children and grandchildren in the eye, when they ask what you did to prevent this disaster?

We believe that our only hope is in taking action together to prevent this catastrophe. Research has shown that if just one person in every 25 is prepared to take action, then we can succeed. There are many things we can do – non-violently – to challenge our governments ecocidal actions. Our campaign of civil resistance is designed to exert real pressure on governments to change their complacent attitudes, and take the action we need to preserve a liveable climate. Join with us, and find out what the power of citizens can really achieve!