The answer, surprisingly, is that YOU do! Extinction Rebellion does not have leadership in any traditional sense. Those who lead will vary from action to action. This will depend on who has the ideas, the initiative, or the time to take the movement forward. Anyone can step into a leadership role, by being willing to invest their time and energy into our shared goal – to avert a climate catastrophe.

Extinction Rebellion internationally is guided by our Principles and Values, and anyone who chooses to act within those principles can do so in the name of Extinction Rebellion. That means that if you want to organise a group of people in your area to rebel against our failing governments, then you can do so. Extinction Rebellion’s goal is to make governments right across the political spectrum take climate action seriously, because without a stable climate and functioning ecosystems humans will not survive very long or very happily.

When you join Extinction Rebellion, embrace this autonomy! You don’t need to wait for permission to act, as long as what you are doing embraces the values we share. Just do what needs doing! It helps to work with others – we think you will gain courage and hope from doing so. But even a lone rebel can make an impact, even if this is by showing others what courage looks like.

Not everyone in Extinction Rebellion will need to be at the forefront of the struggle. We need organisers and doers, artists and thinkers, and talkers and supporters. Even if you feel like a quiet type, you can tell the truth about the climate emergency among your family, friends and communities. We think the conversation is already changing around our climate, and the need to act to protect the world’s ecosystems from collapse.

Your words and actions can help that change to occur.

Yarrow, Community and Outreach, XRSA