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Next Steps for New Rebels

Santos Actions

Recently we’ve held several actions in opposition to Santos’s Narrabri Gas Project in NSW. Santos is intending on building 850+ gas wells on Gomeroi country against the wishes of traditional owners, farmers and the wider community. For more background on this project we’d recommend listening to this fantastic podcast by North West Protection Advocacy.

Our first action was in front of Santos headquarters in Adelaide where rebels sang in solidarity with those opposing the project. You can listen to us singing Leave It In The Ground by The Bushwackers here.

Photograph by George Manos

A week later rebels returned this time dressed in hazmat suits wheeling out barrels of gas. From those barrels non-toxic smoke was released representing the dangerous methane emissions from the proposed project. Our message to Santos is simple, frack off!

Watch Livestream | Watch Action Summary Video
Photograph by Jordan Ellis

Mobilisers for Australian Mass Mobilisation

2020 started with unprecedented fires, public grief, rage, and despair. Then came COVID-19, a crisis in a crisis. Climate breakdown is still here: we are being driven to extinction by a system built on injustice, the destruction of nature, exploitation and inequality. There is no future with this system. The earth is getting hotter, and time to act is running out.

But we have a plan: to get tens of thousands of rebels and thousands of ‘arrestables’ on the streets in all states, at the same time – til we get our Three Demands met. Mass mobilisation means escalating waves of courage and disruption from the local, to state, to federal level over the next year. The Australian Mass Mobilisation project is looking to recruit mobilisers to effectively build XR across the continent.

The next phase is to meet and train around 20 full-time Mass Mobilisers across Australia (1-4 in each state), through a transparent application, shortlist and interview process.

The role involves organising, training, outreach, setting up new groups, follow-up support, and sharing learnings with other regional teams and states.

Apply here by the 6th August and if you don’t want to be a mobiliser but want to get involved in other ways then let us know your skills and the ways in which you can help.

Discussions on the Climate Emergency

Jane Morton from XR Australia was recently involved in two online discussions about the climate emergency.

The first was between Jane, Extinction Rebellion UK co-founder Roger Hallam and former executive director of Greenpeace Interactional, Paul Gilding. They discuss the importance of telling the truth about the climate and ecological emergency and how talking about existential threat has helped build an international rebellion.

Watch Sounding the Alarm with Jane Morton, Roger Hallam and Paul Gilding

The second was between Jane and founder of The Climate Mobilization in the US, Margaret Klein Salamon. They discuss the importance of telling the truth about the climate emergency.

Watch Living in Climate Truth with Jane Morton and Margaret Klein Salamon


Upcoming Events

Connect with XRSA – Action Visioning

Thursday, August 6th at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
RSVP on Action Network

Our next Rebellion’s coming. Join our brainstorm to make it unforgettable.

We want an inspiring Rebellion that says THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Let’s make it a celebration of who we are – regenerative, protective and superbly disruptive. But what actions will our rebellion involve? What ideas do you have bubbling away?

Welcome to Extinction Rebellion – Our DNA

Wednesday, August 12th at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
RSVP on Action Network

Are you new to Extinction Rebellion or an old hand keen to refresh or re-ground your understanding of Extinction Rebellion DNA?

In this key 2-hour workshop we’ll take a deep dive into XR culture exploring:

  • Our Three key Demands
  • Our Principles & Values – the basis of the Rebel Code under which we operate
  • Our story, strategy and theory of change

Decolonising XRSA Media Club

Tuesday, August 18th at 6 PM – 7:30 PM
RSVP on Action Network

The XRSA Decolonising Circle invites you to their next Media Club. Come together to connect, discuss, unlearn, and stretch our understandings. This session we’ll be discussing the debate about the wording on a monument to acknowledge a massacre at Elliston on Eyre Peninsula.

Heading for Extinction Talk

Saturday, August 15th at 10 AM – 11 AM
Cafe Outside the Square, 34 Whitmore Square, Adelaide
RSVP on Action Network

We are facing a climate and ecological emergency. We must act.

Come and hear about the situation facing us and about the potential for using nonviolent civil disobedience to move our governments to action. Meet local people who share your concerns for the future of life on earth and discuss what we can do together.

Extinction Cafe – Meet and Greet

Saturday, August 15th at 11 AM – 1 PM
Cafe Outside the Square, 34 Whitmore Square, Adelaide
View Event on Facebook

Come and join us for a chat about Extinction Rebellion and the climate crisis. This is an informal get together to share our ideas, thoughts and feelings about climate issues and what it’s like to be living through the 6th mass extinction.