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Online – Security Workshop

November 28 @ 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Identify and Disrupt?!

Unfortunately, we’re not referring to the kind of disruption rebels might be familiar with.

On 25th August, the federal government passed legislation which allows the Australian Federal Police and pals to legally get into our devices to “add, copy, delete or alter” files, impersonate us and monitor our organising.

WTF? 😵


Hear from some of Australia’s greatest digital rights advocates and minds!

Speaker list below.



Keeping our organising community safe is an essential part of both action planning and ensuring a regenerative culture.

Maintaining the element of surprise relies on keeping our communications private, and that takes discipline, technique and a few handy tools.

We’ve shown we can do it, but this slew of recent legislation passed by the major parties means we have to stay on the tips of our toes.

(Really, it’s scary and gross.)


This workshop is for tech phobic and tech savvy rebels alike!

– Learn about common cryptography tools

– Get a fast intro to threat modelling

– Hear from tech activists who do this stuff for a living

Community security relies on all of us doing our bit, so please come along — no specialist expertise required, no question too basic.

Transparency for the powerful!
Privacy for the rest of us!



Scott Ludlam: writer, digital rights advocate, former senator and Extinction Rebel.

Flick Ruby: PhD candidate at Sydney University. Flick’s research focuses on surveillance and resistance.

Glenn Todd: Founder and director of ActionSkills which trains and supports activists.

Tom Sulston: Grumpy old sysadmin and co-founder of Digital Rights Watch. Tom is appalled at how Australia is used as a machine to pump terrible digital policy into the world.

Lilly Ryan: Paranoid tech nerd with many years of experience speaking about digital hygiene, privacy, and tech ethics issues. Lily serves on the board of Digital Rights Watch.

Chris Johnson: Software Engineer; Extinction Rebel (XR Australia IT; XR Australia M+M)

Larissa Payne: Borderline luddite and tech phobic but interested in the politics of this mess; Extinction Rebel (XR Australia M+M, XR Sydney Politics)


November 28
7:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Adelaide city centre
Adelaide, 5000 AU + Google Map